Pasty pale skin, bloodshot, insane eyes, wizards robes.


Imation’s greatest strength is his immense cunning and wisdom. His weaknesses are his weakness, and his insanity.

Frought with megalomania and other insanity, Imation has proved to be his own undoing on more than one occasion.

He at last met his demise deep in the stronghold of Vraktal, where in his greed he found many magical items and hoarded them all to himself whilst his companions fought bravely on. Unbeknownst to him, he had donned cursed items! In his last moments, he desperately realized he’d put on a ring of forgetting, thus forfeiting his greatest advantage- his vast repertoir of spells. Resorting to hand to hand combat, the boots of dancing had betrayed him, as Vraktal’s minions cut him to shreds as he danced one last jig!


Imation never knew who his parents were, for he was an orphan.

Taken in by a kindly old wizard, Imation soon amazed his foster father with his incredible intellect. Sweet of nature when he was young, Imation soon convinced the wizard to apprentice him.

Yet a dark kernel of evil lurked in Imation’s heart, which would soon germinate. Consumed with megalomania, and a desire to rule not only the Earth, but the heavens above and hells below, Imation grew ever greedy for power and knowledge.

The elderly wizard began to suspect Imation’s true nature, but too late. Imation had already judged that the old man had taught him all that he could, and slew the poor old conjurer in his sleep.

Yet it was Imation’s greed that eventually proved his undoing, and he was slain in the depths of Vraktal’s Stronghold in March of 924.


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