Lich Lord- emaciated body with tattered robes and glowing eyes


Centuries ago, during the days of King Alexander, the last King of Atheland, the sorceror named Vraktal dwelt in the Barony of Tarvik. In those days as it is today, it was common for wizards to establish or move into permanent strongholds for study and to provide their services for the local community. Outwardly, and per the decree of the King for all wizards, Vraktal registered himself as an Invoker with the Royal registry. The dark secret was that Vraktal in truth practiced the dark art of Necromancy.

Atheland at the time was a quickly deteriorating kingdom, and Vraktal siezed his chance at carving out his own dominion. A brief war was fought, the first in many years within the borders of Atheland between Vraktal and those loyal to the King. The biggest tragedy was the loss of the King’s own son, Prince Errol. Publicly, it had been proclaimed that Errol fell in battle, but the bitter truth was that he betrayed his kingdom and joined ranks with Vraktal.

Eventually Vraktal and his followers were defeated, and this time Errol (now known merely as The Hand of Vraktal) had been killed finally. Vraktal’s tower upon Wyvern Hill was knocked down, and few ventured again to Wyvern Hill for a long while.

Many historians studying this era believe that this war with Vraktal was one of the final straws so to speak contributed to the breaking up of Atheland as a kingdom.

Centuries passed, and when he was forgotten, Vraktal returned with his servant, The Hand of Vraktal in the form of Lich lords. Once again taking up his residence on Wyvern Hill, Vraktal once again attempted to subdue the people of Atheland, but he had struck too soon and was swiftly defeated.

Yet in 924, Vraktal returned once more, but this time employed more subtle tactics. Finding a means to forcibly convert and brainwash new followers, he, the Hand of Vraktal and their cult of followers began building an army once again. This time, Tarvik Barony and Atheland as a whole was more more weak in its presently divided state. However, Vraktal has not yet regained a physical form, and currently resides in the stronghold in a ghastly, non-corporeal form.

Presently, agents of the Barony and others have infiltrated Vraktal’s stronghold to defeat him once and for all.


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