Unitheism is a specific religion in which an All Creator is worshiped. Many versions of this belief system acknowledge the existince of the deities as well, but see them as subservient to the One and not true Gods themselves. Other sects completely disadvow the existence or validity of the lesser deities.

Churches or Temples

Worship sites are referred to as Churches and Cathedrals


A typical hierarchy of the clergy is as follows:

Magna Bishop – The head of the Unitheistic Order
Bishop- A regional or national head reporting to the Magna Bishop. Bishops are typically the liaison to a leader or lord in a Unitheistic realm
Cardinal – A regional (fief level) rank reporting to their Bishop
Abbott – The head of a Cathedral
High Priest – a rank higher than Priest. Usually the head of a Church
Priest – The “Lieutenants” of a temple or church
Junior Minister – A Priest in Training

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